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Thread: FOFL League Files and Calendar - 2060 WIP

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    Default FOFL League Files and Calendar - 2060 WIP

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    Date Day Stage
    - - 2059 New Season
    11-Nov Friday Staff Draft/Ticket/Non-Franchise
    -- -- --
    20-Feb Monday Free Agency Stage 1
    21-Feb Tuesday Free Agency Stage 2
    22-Feb Wednesday Free Agency Stage 3
    23-Feb Thursday Free Agency Stage 4 (Draft Clock Starts)
    24-Feb Friday Free Agency Stage 5 (Draft Cont.)
    25-Feb Saturday OFF
    26-Feb Sunday OFF
    27-Feb Monday Free Agency Stage 6 (Draft Cont.)
    28-Feb Tuesday Free Agency Stage 7 (Draft Cont.)
    1-Mar Wednesday Draft Continues
    2-Mar Thursday Free Agency Stage 8-9 (Draft Cont.)
    3-Mar Friday Free Agency Stage 10-12 (Draft Cont.)
    4-Mar Saturday OFF
    5-Mar Sunday OFF
    6-Mar Monday Free Agency II Stage 1-2
    7-Mar Tuesday Free Agency II Stages 3-5
    8-Mar Wednesday --
    9-Mar Thursday --
    10-Mar Friday --
    11-Mar Saturday Training Camp
    12-Mar Sunday OFF
    13-Mar Monday 2060 Pre-Preseason
    14-Mar Tuesday Exhibition Season Games 1-3
    15-Mar Wednesday Exhibition Season Games 4-5
    16-Mar Thursday
    17-Mar Friday Week 1 Mid-week
    18-Mar Saturday OFF
    19-Mar Sunday OFF
    20-Mar Monday Week 1, 2060 Regular Season
    21-Mar Tuesday OFF
    22-Mar Wednesday Week 2, 2060 Regular Season
    23-Mar Thursday OFF
    24-Mar Friday Week 3, 2060 Regular Season
    25-Mar Saturday OFF
    26-Mar Sunday OFF
    27-Mar Monday Week 4, 2060 Regular Season
    28-Mar Tuesday OFF
    29-Mar Wednesday Week 5, 2060 Regular Season
    30-Mar Thursday OFF
    31-Mar Friday OFF
    1-Apr Saturday OFF
    2-Apr Sunday OFF
    3-Apr Monday Week 6, 2060 Regular Season
    4-Apr Tuesday OFF
    5-Apr Wednesday Week 7, 2060 Regular Season(Trade Deadline)
    6-Apr Thursday OFF
    7-Apr Friday Week 8, 2060 Regular Season
    8-Apr Saturday OFF
    9-Apr Sunday OFF
    10-Apr Monday Week 9, 2060 Regular Season
    11-Apr Tuesday OFF
    12-Apr Wednesday Week 10, 2060 Regular Season
    13-Apr Thursday OFF
    14-Apr Friday Week 11, 2060 Regular Season
    7-Jan Saturday OFF
    8-Jan Sunday OFF
    9-Jan Monday Week 12, 2060 Regular Season
    10-Jan Tuesday OFF
    11-Jan Wednesday Week 13, 2060 Regular Season
    12-Jan Thursday OFF
    13-Jan Friday Week 14, 2060 Regular Season
    14-Jan Saturday OFF
    15-Jan Sunday OFF
    16-Jan Monday Week 15, 2060 Regular Season
    17-Jan Tuesday OFF
    18-Jan Wednesday Week 16, 2060 Regular Season
    19-Jan Thursday OFF
    20-Jan Friday Week 17, 2060 Regular Season
    21-Jan Saturday OFF
    22-Jan Sunday OFF
    23-Jan Monday Wild Card Round, 2059 Playoffs
    24-Jan Tuesday Divisional Round, 2059 Playoffs
    25-Jan Wednesday Conference Finals, 2059 Playoffs
    26-Jan Thursday FOFL Bowl - END OF SEASON
    27-Jan Friday

    Historical Stats Files

    Initial League File

    City/Nickname Files

    League Graphics

    FOF Files and Utilities
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