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    (I will put a copy of this post in the News Wire forum, but I figured this would get the most attention here.)

    With the impending site redesign, and the implementation of a new (and much better) news feed script, I wanted to post this set of style and formatting guidelines to ensure the best presentation on the front page, as well as for the sake of consistency.

    1. The thread title should be your primary headline. Please try to keep them as succinct as possible, as titles that are too long could throw off the entire layout of the site's homepage. 60-75 characters is ideal, and should be plenty. Shorter is, of course, fine.

    2. When entering the article's text, do NOT adjust the font size or face. Colored text is fine, as is bold, italic, etc, but do not use a different font, or make it bigger or smaller than the default.

    3. Subheadlines are not required, but if you do want to use one, it should be the first line of the post. It should be bolded and centered, but NOT a different size. Do NOT use all caps.

    4. If you want to include a leading image, please use the the following code:
    HTML Code:
    <table style='float: left;' align='left' border='0' cellpadding='2' cellspacing='2' width='180'>
          <td>[IMG]<-PATH TO IMAGE FILE HERE->[/IMG]</td>
          <td>[SIZE=1]<center>[I]<-CAPTIONTEXT HERE->[/I]</center>[/SIZE]</td>
    As you can see in the code, images should be limited to 180 pixels wide.

    Please note: At the present time, the news feed script has difficulties parsing images, so they do not actually appear on the front page articles. Hopefully that will be fixed soon, but in the meantime, I'd recommend avoiding leading photos unless absolutely necessary.

    The reason for these rules is as follows: I can control the size, color, positioning of the headlines, body text, etc. via the site's css file. But only certain things that are pulled from the forum get their styles overwritten. If people are formatting their articles in the forum differently, then that greatly limits how much control I'm able to maintain over how they are ultimately presented. If you have an article idea that requires special needs, then please contact me ahead of time and we'll see what we can work out.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
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