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    Why are you sorry? I'm the one who smacked you down.

    Honestly, it's cool to be reminded of how insanely passionate we all once were about this league. The collective brain power we spent on the Constitution is pretty ridiculous when you think about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgado View Post
    Originally Posted by He Who Shall Not Be Named
    It encourages having some stars stay with one team (or two teams if traded early enough) their whole career. It is my belief that as RFA stands, the true FOBL stars such as JJ and Dorazio and Ohl will be passed around like a not-so-cheap whore from the time they get their first real contract to the time they coppage, because once they shake loose from their original team, they become just a rent-a-bat for one or two seasons for their new team, and are shuffled around for the rest of their existence. This is something I would like to see less and less of over time.

    And that right there makes me feel like an ABSOLUTE FUCKING SHITTY ASSHOLE for what I am contemplating doing in the 2045 offseason. Cuz it's so fucking true.
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