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  1. FOFL Signup
  2. History
  3. theFOFL.com
  4. Random thoughts about FOFL
  5. Thought about signups
  6. Expert Picks
  7. (AP) As-of-yet Unnamed Ownership Group Announces FOFL Bid
  8. Name Game
  9. Sign-Up Thread: FINAL CALL; Please check for your name
  10. Jim's Q&A for FOF 2K4, Tonight 8:00 est
  11. If al can have mars
  12. After reading the Q&A
  13. When Should We Start?
  14. Thinking the unthinkable
  15. Poll: Are You Going To Buy FOF 2K4 Right Away?
  16. TPF Chat Tonight at 10:00pm EST
  17. If FOF 2K4 and TPF Does Not Work Out
  18. Screenshots Posted
  19. 24 hours (or so) until release
  20. TCY 1.2 Update available
  21. Well, it's not discussion of alignment or ownership...
  22. So IF...only IF..on the off chance
  23. game delay
  24. Cities and other leagues question
  25. Something to start with
  26. PING: Everyone who has signed up for FOFL
  27. Division Alignment + Team Name
  28. Stadiums
  29. City Editor Released
  30. Is it too early to start discussing stadia?
  31. Rookie Holdouts
  32. Creating a fictional universe...
  33. gameplan manager
  34. Simming Preseason Games
  35. How do you see the draft order in the initial draft?
  36. X Factor observation
  37. FOF 2004: RFA and its Implications
  38. Potential Issues
  39. New Background Image for FOF2k4
  40. Patch
  41. Basic HTML Generator Released
  42. Draft thought
  43. What is the Biggest Cap Hit You Have taken in FOF 2004
  44. FOFL Commish
  45. FOFL Board of Governors
  46. Assistant?
  47. Patch Released including one piece of key news
  48. City info required from all teams
  49. Here we go again.
  50. FOFL Discussion: Finances
  51. The Big Discussion: When do we start?
  52. (AP) Las Vegas FOFL Franchise Hires Coordinator
  53. I think I made the first trade of any FOF multiplayer league
  54. Celebrity Sightings
  55. FOFL thoughts
  56. Quick FOFL Note
  57. i think i found a bug?
  58. Just in case nobody else noticed...
  59. Reminder: Vote! (also a ping to Mike)
  60. 3ric's Draft File Editor Released
  61. DISCUSSION: Whose draft generator do we use?
  62. Congrats (?) to our first two Conference Presidents
  63. Bar Harbor announces...
  64. DISCUSSION: Constitutional Process
  65. Please comment: Franchise Locations
  66. cart | horse
  67. Inflation
  68. DISCUSSION: Injury Level
  69. DISCUSSION: Things That must be decided before the first file
  70. PING: Ryan, Buddy, Tauter/Mali
  71. Fote Vuckwits
  72. IMPORTANT: Time to submit your export
  73. The Sked
  74. Sample Ballot: Pre-Draft Issues
  75. Jim's Answer on In-Season AI Roster Moves
  76. Welcome to an official league position...
  77. Residual wig?
  78. The Fall River Ax Muderers would like to welcome...
  79. PING: Fish, NoMyths, Mr. Illini, Vaj, Buddy, tauter, TDAO, clint
  80. What Do You Want the Most
  81. Looking further ahead
  82. Trade deadline
  83. Staff
  84. Reminder
  85. Ping: Vaj, Fish, Mr. I
  86. PING: Mel Kiper Jr.
  87. ETA on the file?
  89. Info on Mel Kiper's FOFL Mock Draft
  90. The first FOFL League File is....
  91. Latest FOFL League File
  92. Mel Kiper Jr.'s Mock Draft: First Round (1st Five Picks)
  93. PING: NoMyths
  94. Mel Kiper Jr.'s First Round Analysis
  95. Tyrannosaur War Room Impressions
  96. Piledrivers Make History
  97. Rastaman Vibration, Positive!
  98. Updated League File up
  99. Mel Kiper Jr.'s Mock Draft: Second Round
  100. Likely Live Draft Session: Thursday
  101. Original Cities File
  102. Stadium Breakdown
  103. PING: Rope, Bing, pbot, Fish, Ryan, Shaw, Kurtis, Clint, Critch, Tauter
  104. New League File Up
  105. Yet another new file up
  106. Live Draft Details: IMPORTANT
  107. Complete Idiot's Guide To Playing Multiplayer FOF
  108. Goal for tonight re: draft; Please look if you're coming up
  109. New File Up
  110. Rastas: Burnin' and Lootin'
  111. Felons Select Franchise's First Player
  112. FOFL Live Draft: TONIGHT! Also a note on lists.
  113. New File Up Through Round 5
  114. Boner's Party Ends Unhappily
  115. Quick list point
  116. Rogue Militants Seize Shreveport, Reestablish Hurricane Franchise
  117. FOFL Draft Update
  118. I'm an idiot
  119. State College Draft Update
  120. Roots Rock Reggae! Rastas Continue To Build Franchise
  121. Ping All
  122. Ping: Head Honchos
  123. Did you know?
  124. About lists
  125. Draft/scouts
  126. I love the draft
  127. Ping: League Officials
  128. Live session(s) next week
  129. Hmm...
  130. Live Draft Session This Sunday?
  131. LIVE DRAFT SESSION: Tonight!
  132. AFC West - The Draft
  133. AFC Division 1 - The Draft
  134. Fido's Utility
  135. Post-Live Session File up
  136. CUBS!!!!!!
  137. FOFL Draft by Team
  138. Next live session: THIS SUNDAY!
  139. IMPORTANT: Change in Draft Format, starting Monday
  140. 53 Rounds of Manual Drafting
  141. FOFL Banner Requests
  142. Website Committee
  143. LIVE DRAFT SESSION: Tonight! 6 PM!
  144. Post Live Session File up: Daily Round begins tomorrow
  145. Here is a nice shortcut for multiple universes/leagues
  146. Next Live Draft Session? Plus a note on the Daily Round
  147. Ownership Note
  148. Daily Round: 11 PM Eastern Tonight, Site Chat Room
  149. Daily Round File up, Be Ready again tomorrow; Live Session Info
  150. Note on position switches at the moment
  151. Question
  152. CapCity Co-Owner Needed Soon
  153. Anti-Otto Method; Don't like being Otto'd? Here's a way to avoid him.
  154. Help for the Quagmire
  155. Do You Want Days Off Between Daily Drafts?
  156. PING: Non "Banned For Life Players" (FOF problem)
  157. Do you want a swift kick to nads between Daily Drafts?
  158. Request for new file - pre-Daily Round (1/16)
  160. NEW FILE UP: Please Read
  161. NEW FILE UP: Please Read (Commish is a doof, part II)
  162. Daily Round File Up; Live Session Tomorrow!
  163. Post-Live Session File up; Daily Round continues tomorrow
  164. Schedule For the Rest of the Initial Draft; Includes Live Session Announcements
  165. Daily Round File up, Be Ready again tomorrow
  166. OTTO must die
  167. Note to position swappers
  169. Live Round File up, Live Session TOMORROW!
  170. Live Session File up, back to Daily Rounds tomorrow
  171. LIVE DRAFT SESSIONS: Next week, Tuesday and Thursday
  172. Corrected League File up; Daily Round Tonight
  173. Post-Draft Free Agency Discussion
  174. Daily Round up; IMPORTANT NOTE about Sunday's round
  175. Useful info: FOF 2004 Roster Requirements
  176. Interesting Utility
  177. Live Session: Tonight!
  178. Last Night's Corrected File up
  179. Alternate Coach/Scout plan posted; Please read and comment
  180. Tuesday Live Session File Up, Daily Round tomorrow
  181. Tentative Schedule: Includes information for FAs and a potential start date
  182. Last Daily Round File up, Last Live Session Tomorrow!
  183. First Post-Draft File up!
  184. IMPORTANT: First Round of Free Agency Info
  185. Is this the bug I heard about?
  186. This is nice
  187. REMINDER: First FA lists due noon Eastern Saturday
  188. First Stage of FA Results
  189. Instructions, Deadline for first export
  190. Quickie project - Team numbers
  191. New File Up; Last Round of FA due Noon Eastern Tuesday
  192. Thought on Draft Pick Tracking
  193. Last Constitutional Section Vote up
  194. Hudson Valley seeking...
  195. Round 2 FA Results up; Exports Due 10 PM Eastern Wednesday
  196. Exhibition Gameplay Question
  197. New File Up; Next Import (and first exhibition sim) Thursday, 10 PM Eastern
  198. Free Agent Instructions
  199. Ping: Fish
  200. General Reference Thread
  201. "Live Sim" moved to Yahoo tonight
  202. First Exhibition Week File up; FAs due in my PM box 12 PM Eastern tomorrow
  203. FA Results 2/13; Import at 10 PM Tonight; Ping: Subby, Brad, PT
  204. NOTICE: Week 2 Exhibitions on Sunday
  205. New File Up
  206. A public invocation for the health of my fake players
  207. Sunday File up; FAs due Noon Eastern Tomorrow
  208. 2/16 FA signings; Imports due 10 PM Eastern Tonight
  209. Constitution Ratification Up
  210. Export Question
  211. Monday File Up; Exhibition Week 3 10 PM Tomorrow
  212. Tuesday File Up; FAs due Noon Eastern tomorrow
  213. 2/18 FA Signings; Please Export these for tonight's file
  214. Wednesday File Up; Exhibition Week 4 Thursday, 10 PM Eastern
  215. Contract Renegiations: Why aren't they working?
  216. PING: Vaj, Ryan, Daimyo, ez, Morg, Simms, Mali, wig, Josh, C'Town
  217. Thursday File Up; FAs Due Noon Eastern Tomorrow
  218. QB Bug
  219. FOF Patch Out
  220. Notes re: Exports and FA; Patch
  222. Roster Attributes Screen
  223. Friday File Up; Next Import 10 PM Saturday
  224. One note on FOFc patch
  225. Lessons Learned from WigFL
  226. FOF Patch D
  227. FOF Patch 5.0d up; We're using it
  228. Saturday File Up; Exhibition Week 5 (the last) Sunday 10 PM Eastern
  229. FOFL Helmet Avatars
  230. League Office Announces Kick Off Concerts
  231. Exhibition Week 5 File up; Week 1 Thursday; Imports 10 PM every night
  232. Monday File Up; Another Import Tomorrow Night
  233. Who's planning to attend Thursday night?
  234. Linky to webpages
  235. Tuesday File Up; Another Import Tomorrow 10
  236. Wednesday File up; Week 1 tomorrow!
  237. FOFL Press Releases?
  238. A request from the IHOF
  239. Gameplanning Experience Poll
  240. Week One File Up; Import Friday, 10 PM Eastern
  241. Scores?
  242. Ping: Duke
  243. Ping: Hollywuss
  244. Friday File Up; Next Import 10 PM Saturday
  245. FOFL Website
  246. FOF salary info
  247. Saturday File Up; Week 2 Sunday, 10 PM Eastern
  248. How did you guys do the in-game picture?
  249. Week Two File Up; Import Monday, 10 PM Eastern
  250. FOFL Trade Deadline 2003